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Tree of Life Celebration ~ Welcome Home

(jointly authored by haleyheart and Alecia, and in haleyheart’s “voice”)

In Spring 2010, a small group of people, located not only in the US, but world around, came together to nurture ideas about 2012 and what that might mean for humanity and our planet.  Discussions began within a framework of the Mayan Calendar, and the research/teachings of Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. We considered some key dates and events that would be pivotal to shifts or transformation of consciousness over the next two years.  History has well documented the evolution … and some might say the devolution … of human kind.  Our world certainly looked as if standing as a cross-roads demanding change, and hopefully in the form of more positive directions.

When Alecia and haleyheart took stock of their resources, we realized that the “best we had to offer” was our hearts and skills in attracting and manifesting.  Friends for years, there were three time zones between us and a shared vision of what could grow from these ideas.

TLC stepped out in its infancy as a largely leaderless labor of love to explore, find connections, have occasional calls with the global mind share members.  Things began to take form.

Facebook gave the TLC community a voice – and has remained constant since the first dozen people logged onto the very rudimentary Facebook group for Tree of Life Celebration in August 2010.  By November, some gathered in Sweden for the “Seventh Day” event to honor the reintegration of the divine masculine and feminine.  The community had grown to about 300.

By year-end 2010, the two of us looked at each other in amazement at what had been accomplished with no rules, no administrative hierarchy, no formal organization and no funding.  And no corporate speak.  A new way emerged where volunteers were simply community, and core teams were blown to bits as the Keepers tended the tree.  This truly was evidence of co-creation in motion.  Value constantly came from the most surprising sources; change was fluid and flowing.

Set against the fabric of world events that offered up daily fear, frustration, hardship, job loss, weather events, displacements from home, and more, our hearts knitted in harmony to create a “soft place to land” where everyone was welcome to come and share their personal journey.  Some have anchored the energy with us for nearly the entire time.  Others come and go, form other groups, or simply take part more elsewhere and bring the nuggets of experience and wisdom back to share within TLC.  All of us move at the speed of life.

Using all forms of communication — conference calls, meditations, emails, Facebook posts and shared articles — more and more joined in steady influx.  Dr. Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow and Patricia Cotle-Robles gave generously of their time to anchor conference calls, share articles and lead group meditations.  By setting intention, new Keepers arrived in response to the direction TLC flowed.  So much needed skill and talent neither of us had.

The Keepers worked the magic — bringing up a website with our South African webmaster creatively keeping pace, some managed events, and others shared their insight and expertise on a wide array of subjects.  TLC occasionally co-sponsors events with other collaborators, such as Jim Self and Mastering Alchemy, and Sandie Sedgebeer’s Cutting Edge program on the Awakening Minds Radio Network.  We are the frequent repository and conduit for posted writings from published authors and from our community contributors.  Our cherished alliance with the team at DoAsOne.com anchored our focus on being part of the world breathing event November 11, 2012.  TLC supports the intention to have 1 billion people consciously breathing together on the planet.  Powerful? You bet!

The TLC Community surpassed 1,000 members sometime just before the March 2011 Japanese Tsunami, which chillingly resounded in near perfect timing to the beginning of the “Ninth Wave” according to Dr. Calleman’s work.  As the pace of this Ninth Wave picked up and rolled through its “Days” and “Nights” of the Calendar, moving to end point at October 28, 2011, we saw the reflection of not only world events, but the way this affected our own Tree of Life Community.  Some of us have faced challenges with health, hearth and home – yet the flow as each of us move in our own personal shift or transformation of consciousness never fails to feel supportive.  We have rallied to simply be there for those on the front lines of their moments of shift – through earthquakes, floods, fires as well as the beginning of Arab Spring, growth of the Occupy movement, and more.

Today, with more than 7,000 connected who cast their ripple into the pond of the internet touching thousands upon thousand more, people come to TLC to post and share – and to discuss what is happening.  They also come to simply “hold the space” together, share some amazing information, beautiful imagery, good news stories one never hears in our media-focused world at large or invoke humor which is a great healer for all.  They raise key issues, talk about the impacts, solutions and, always fit each item into the much larger framework as it affects the collective or greater consciousness, which some of us know as unity.  Every day we witness the myriad of ways TLC is the wind beneath the wings to lift others up until they are able to fly again on their own.

TLC is a global village, perhaps a virtual one — people of all ages from nearly every continent, every walk of life, spiritual practice, point of view and disparate place.  From Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand to Japan, Asia, India, many European countries and throughout Africa, as well as reaching to many in the US, Canada and Latin America, TLC never fully sleeps.  There is always someone ready to chat.  TLC members share what is happening so we get the real story, before it is even news.  The speed with which updates travel perhaps leaves the wire services in the dust on a good day.

People connect in every possible way using high and no-tech approaches – from computers, laptops and cell or mobile phones in every possible place – coffee shops, while riding the train, or in Cape Town with the bush men on a solar-powered cell phone.  Others take us on their journeys and travels, sharing pictures from the “wherever” they are in any moment.  We’ve all become virtual tourists who stand in awe of just how big the planet is while being such a small world, after all.

Alecia, I, and each of the TLC keepers have each found our way into the simple practice of “being more and doing less” … allowing the energy to flow and honoring each person as they step into their own personal integrity to give where and how they feel led.  TLC has no rules for group behavior, membership, content management or dispute resolution.  These simply are not necessary. TLC has become a crossroads of diversity, cultural sharing and, most of all, a beautiful example of how people can simply come together to model unity, compassion, love and all that brings.  For me, it is simply one of the cherished ways “my heart sings.”

About Tree of Life Celebration

The Tree of Life symbolically illustrates that all life is connected. The Tree of Life concept permeates the human collective experience, as exhibited globally throughout science, religion, philosophy and mythology. We embrace this idea of the Tree of Life Celebration(s) as a starting point for unity from which we intend to branch out. We believe that unity is a co-creative process and encourage all to contribute to the process of anchoring the unity consciousness on the planet through their heart, actions and talents.

This community was created to serve those interested in intentionally seeding peace and unity on the planet. Much of the information offered here is based on consciously honoring and partnering with the cycles of life viewed through the lens of the Mayan calendar, although not exclusively. Our main goal is to nurture unity through our open nature, moderate speech and shared resources. We intend to nurture and support the connection with, the discussion of, and the planning for global events and celebrations. All of these things relate to consciously flowing and working with the energies of the cycles of life. We believe that our strength lies in our diversity. We embrace and respect people of ALL sexes, cultures, races, and personal philosophies. We welcome all with a good heart and open mind.

Please consider sharing your journey with us at www.treeoflifecelebration.com …. “Like” the TLC Facebook community page for occasional notices and posts; or search for Tree of Life Celebration (Group) and join the dialogue that is diverse and ongoing. We know you will feel the sense of Welcome Home when you arrive.

About the Authors and Amazing Tree of Life Celebration Keepers

Alecia and haleyheart agreed to initially anchor the collaborative efforts of many … and prefer to stay very much in background.  They are simply two of the Keepers.  Together, each celebrate with the TLC Community in our heart, in our own spiritual practices and in our support of the TLC mission and purpose.  Every TLC Keeper has his or her stories, historical frame of reference and life experience that brought us to the point of first meeting.  From these shared experiences, we understand the value of every human experience, the need for inspiration and the unfettered power of personal integrity, intention and transformation.   Tree of Life Celebration is a gift to the world and a beneficial presence — not just in our lives — but for all that contribution their energy to the shared vision, mission and purpose.

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Please consider sharing your journey with us at www.treeoflifecelebration.com …. “Like” the TLC Facebook community page for occasional notices and posts; or search for Tree of Life Celebration (Group) and join the dialogue that is diverse and ongoing. We know you will feel the sense of Welcome Home when you arrive.