written in the language of the heart

Some of our TLC Keepers work together while much of the world sleeps.  We connect with a 10 hour time difference, using that moment of “see you on the flipside” to link up in the small space when one of us is starting the day, while the other moves to retire for the evening … or vice versa.  We connect for our “dance” – to hand over and hand off the progress of the Day for the one closing down, and the beginning of the Day for the other getting ready to put hand to task.  Early last February, there were only four of us — anchoring the intention and energy from East/West Coast USA, Canada and South Africa.  Two of us created a meditation together in SKYPE chat …. from complete intuition and guidance.  Here’s your opportunity to peek in behind the covers and see how we do that which we do.  Feel free to take a moment to BREATHE and simply flow with this meditation.

“Crack of Dark” Symphony – A Keepers Meditation with Mother Earth

This dark hour is the time to connect with source

In gratitude and appreciation

Our friends are here in their locations on the planet

North, South, East and West – holding the sacred space with every breath

We are so blessed

For the connection we share

Four points of light touching Gaia


Feel the heart beat and the sway of the Mother as she lumbers in her orbit

Bringing me sun and preparing to send you toward night

Afternoon shadows are getting longer there

And the afternoon is stretching its limbs and preparing for rest… 😉

It must be an awesome vantage point the Mother has to look out in all directions and see her sisters and brothers

flying through the same process

as far as consciousness can be

To constantly rotate and turn her back, as we might to a fire, to warm herself

and then prepare for a crisp run through the dark cold of space

before feeling the warmth again in that exact spot

and we only need close our eyes and we are breathing with her

sharing every bit of it


we feel this as we share

In African soil, the Mother yawns and contemplates in the quieter hours of the afternoon,

as the shadows grow  longer, she stretches out and rephrases the day…

whilst with in America –

She is stretching and contemplating the new day, stepping out of bed,

searching the horizon- considering her action for a new purpose, a new dawn…

slowly becoming cogniscant of her surroundings as she rises…

Preparing the symphony of energy that celebrates each dawn.

the sun first creeps from dark into the deepest purples and pink,

slides toward rest and then bursts into a false brightest.

Within minutes, one can literally watch and feel the fireball “thunder up” into the sky,

launched as surely as the greatest rocket straining to break free from gravity’s death grip,

to fly free across the sky

All manner of desert life is active during that space of time – the birds, lizards, ants ….

everything scurrying in that space of time between frozen cold hibernation

and the need to re-secure self before the heat makes it too hot —

on their mission of food and substance wherever it can be found

and with the sun set in the sky, everything scurries out of sight ….

and won’t come out again until those moments between sunset and the rapid temperature drop

while Mother Earth puts the lights on the dimmer and lets all the color fade to black

it’s an amazing orchestration that goes on daily, regardless of anything humans think they can do or “control”

She just laughs softly at her children, those poor little upright s’couns* who go about their play of importance …….

like children in a sandbox constructing magnificence, while those around only see dirt, shovels, toys, sticks and determination in motion

i am blessed.

we are blessed.

we are indeed!!

and it is so restorative to connect to this energy of source as expressed in our Mother Gaia

it is your heart slowing down… your breathing slows… you adjust to the rythym of the core….

that is you and is the earth

and THAT is the way we live at the speed of life

totally attuned, one to another

the music … the symphony … for life.

Hayley Keepers

haleyheart keepers

February 11, 2011


*s’coun is from the movie AVATAR.  It loosely translates as moron, but really is directed at the young child so full of knowledge and yet, lacking self-control, who simply runs all over making a mess of things until he matures and understands the rhythm of life, how everything has a place and fit, and how to use that knowing for intent and purpose


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  1. Hayley Moore said:

    Awesome! love that you got this up here!

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